Battlefield 4, the game for every soldier

Battlefield 4 it’s a game for every shooter game fan and for all the boys that want to be soldiers, because it’s complete and you can do lots of stuff in this game, besides shooting enemies, you can fly jets or helicopters, drive a boat and many other things that will make your experience great - see great info.

It’s important to know that it’s not easy to play the game in normal mode or in hard mode, but you can easily finish the game. It’s better to finish the game in hard mode, because you will also train for later when you will play in multiplayer mode - sign up to play.

 The gameplay of Battlefield 4 is not something new and it’s very similar with Call of Duty games, but this is not making it a bad game. Every shooter player will definitely enjoy this game, because it’s very interactive and changes the way you play very often and you will definitely not become bored sooner or later which makes it a great game.

Playing Battlefield 4 it’s not a waste of time and it definitely worth every penny that you give for it. I played the game on PS3 and it was great, the graphic details surprised me in a very pleasant way, but when I had the opportunity I’ve tested it on a PC and I was amazed to see how great it looks on this platform.

My recommendation is to play the game on a great PC if you have the possibility, because you will appreciate a lot more the game once you see the video details that are available there. It’s incomparable better to play the game on the PC, for many reasons besides the graphics, we all know that you can aim and shoot way better with a mouse instead of a console joystick, but this is another story and we will discuss about it in another article - see top news for you.

Playing Battlefield 4 will be a great experience and you will learn lots of things from the game and you will not consider it a waste of time after you finish it. Most players that finished the game, played the campaign again, because it’s a bit different than the other games which have a similar gameplay and this subject it’s discussed on most of the gaming forums. Stop wasting time reading articles like this and play Battlefield 4 to have a lot of fun.